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If you came to our site with the intention, then you know that we play popular music on classical instruments for weddings and celebrations.

If you come across us by chance, then you will surely be interested in what you will see and hear, whether you want to hire us or not.

Wedding music

We deal with introductory music for weddings, and we also do effect performances with a festive cake entry.

These performances are mostly based on music that is generally known and popular, and most importantly, they do not interfere with the guests talking.

Harp, quartet, guitar, it is now a matter of taste in choosing music for weddings.

Music for company celebrations

We also do only introductory and all-night music for any type of celebration.

Our acoustic music for celebrations also includes ensembles with a voice, similar to a band, but with a much less aggressive sound.

The most important thing for us is that business associates can talk in peace, without music distracting them too much.

Wedding harp

We’re not in that part of the story that the band is talking about, with the exception of the DJ.

Here you will find music that will give a “final touch” to your wedding.

Specifically, I mean ensembles with a harp, which are a solo harp or a harp with a violin or harp with a cello that play pop, film, evergreen music. At weddings, they mostly play a cocktail while the guests gather, accompany you with music as you walk towards the registrar, and are often the choice of music as a background for photography.

In addition to decoration, this wedding music leaves the first impression on your wedding.

Music for celebrations

You know what the first and perhaps most important advantage of our music is when it comes to corporate celebrations?

For example, when our string quartet plays, business associates can talk unhindered. Even with the sound system, we are still the background music.

If you want to have a party, we can do that too. But again in a slightly different way. DJ is always an option but the electric string quartet is always our recommendation. We create an atmosphere guaranteed, and yet we fall into the category of something different.

Music for birthdays

Everything that was previously written is very applicable on birthdays and other celebrations.

But first birthdays are priceless. We are more and more an integral part of them and that is a real pleasure. Also, it is very important for moms and dads that the music on their child’s first birthday is not too loud, and you don’t have to worry about that with us.

In addition to all the already mentioned ensembles of guitar and violin or guitar and the cello are also our recommendation.



Accurate, precise and never late.



We are changing the approach and the concept of performance in relation to the needs of the client.



Experience gives us the opportunity to warn of potentially problematic situations.



It doesn't matter if you recognized the quality of our playing, it matters if you brought emotion from the event we played at. I guarantee we can afford it.

An electric violin or an electric quartet?

There is another important moment when it comes to a wedding, and that is the arrival of the cake.

Since we like to be present at important events, we are very often the music for the arrival of the cake.

This is a slightly “harder” sound.

We are talking about the electric violin. One or two. And maybe an entire electric quarter. This wedding music lifts the atmosphere more than the band and makes the effect different. Also, newlyweds know how to choose an electric violin and a DJ for the arrival of guests.

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