About us

Passion. Love . Desire

The idea behind Project VentArtly was developed from the vision and inspiration of two associates. This agency represents many different music ensembles suitable for many kinds of events and celebrations. VentArtly’s artists create music that is authentic and leaves a sophisticated impression.

VentArtly Production Team doesn’t leave any segment of the business behind. Rather, it makes sure that every detail of preparation and performance is thoroughly and thoughtfully designed and organized.

The VentArtly founders have a depth of experience with music and event organizing. They are able to satisfy the needs of clients who are looking for a unique model of musical content.

These ensembles are ideal for weddings, corporate events, celebrations, birthdays, and promotions. They will provide a special tone to every occasion.

Nina Birač i Milica Grujić

Capture your vision. Focus on the goal you wish to achieve. Let this idea guide you. Work and create. Enjoy in every little segment that has been accomplished.
One of the most important chapters of our musical journey was our performance on the Cruise Ship of Holland America Line Company. This engagement lasted for several months, and we came back with the excellent reviews, great experiences and dedication to excellence.
We give wings to our imagination, we encourage it adding just a little bit of reality making this idea more “down to earth”. We believe in realization of valuable artistic ideas because together with hard work and effort, we believe amazing things can happen.

Milica GrujiC


A young cello artist and head of VentArtly production, Milica has excellent organization skills and flawless intuition. After finishing her Master Studies at the Faculty Of Music Arts in Belgrade, she has been performing with numerous chamber ensembles. Milica is making her dreams come true with the development of this agency. Her goal: to create something professional and innovative.

Nina BiraC


A violinist with spirit and musical charisma, Nina completed her Master Degree at the Faculty Of Music Arts in Belgrade and became a member of orchestra of Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. Nina believes in the idea of VentArtly production and its offerings. She has the vision that it is time to create a magnificent musical experience!

Miljana Prascevic

project manager

Whether she plays Viola, Violin, Electric Violin or expresses her organization skills in VentArtly agency, Miljana’s versatility is obvious! She finished her Master studies at Academy Of Arts in Novi Sad, and after that started playing in many orchestras in Serbia and abroad. Miljana is member of Habanera Quartet since 2021. and Project Manager in VentArtly since 2022.