Muzika za korporativne proslave

When Team Building Means Building Something Truly Special

A friend of mine owns a firm for flower decorations of weddings and other celebrations. They have a distinctive style: delicate, natural and very tasteful.
She told me how she had recently met with a big successful company who had been interested in hiring her to do the decorations for their gala celebration.

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Have You Ever Thought About a Wedding Like This?

It’s becoming more of a trend to hire several different ensembles to perform different music genres at wedding ceremonies. This guarantees for a constant high level of atmosphere, and that the guests are entertained throughout the event.

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Muzika za vencanje, solo harfa

Her Highness, the Harp

A blend of sophisticated and noble, traditional yet modern, and above all of that elegant and gracious. Seemingly simple, but in reality very complex and intricate, the harp has become an unavoidable part of different manifestations worldwide.

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Habanera kvartet u muzeju Savremene umetnosti

Europe Day 2018

Europe Day, observed on May 9 every year, was solemnly celebrated at the Museum of Contemporary Art, with a marvelous and inspiring program, under the organization of the Delegation of the European Union.

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