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5 Tips for Having the Best Time at Your Own Wedding

Your wedding is getting closer and you cannot wait to dive into the planning of the ceremony. Whether you’re the organizer yourself, or you’ve hired a wedding planner, you wish for that day to be special, rich with unique details that people will be thrilled with, and which will remain in their memory. But, before all the detailing, one should choose several key things which are crucial for having a good time at the wedding. Remember, the details are indeed an important and integral part of the whole wedding story, but you should pay special attention to what you’re about to read below.

Choose a Venue, Time and Date

To make sure that the wedding ceremony will actually take place, you should first select a restaurant, and of course make a reservation for a desired date. You should also reserve a time slot for the civil ceremony and/or a church one.

Once you’ve done that, you may focus on what would make this day genuinely special for you and the people with whom you wish to share your happiness. Make sure you’re being realistic in your desires, and don’t feel bad if your budget doesn’t meet the musings about a glamorous venue you’ve had, because eventually you will realize that the success of your wedding celebration has the least to do with the venue. Think about what kind of a theme and mood you wish to acquire for that day, and look for a venue based on that. It’s easier that way.

The Theme for the Wedding

If you still haven’t decided on the theme or a leading idea for your wedding, just close your eyes and try to imagine the wedding day.

How does it look like?

How do your guests feel as they arrive?

What kind of an impression or an emotion do you wish to arouse?

These are some of the questions you and your partner should think about. The theme of the wedding, in terms of colors, the type of flowers chosen, the decorations of the setting and the tables, should all contain a message that you wish to convey as a couple. Something that is authentic for the two of you, something that will thrill your friends and family once they connect the carefully selected symbols. You should connect several items and give them a matching theme: the color of the flowers and the groom’s tie, the details on the tables, on the wedding cake, the photo area. Be playful, explore, enjoy the planning process and getting all the pieces to the puzzle in their place to get the ultimate theme.

Most People Neglect This, but the Guests Remember it the Longest

You know that thing when you enter a venue as a guest and virtually nothing is happening until the bride and the groom make an entry? The jingling of the glasses, the commotion, checking out the guests sitting at a table nearby… In larger families, lengthy greetings are a must, since the last time they saw each other was ‘at a cousin’s wedding three years ago’. Wouldn’t it be nice to make this atmosphere more pleasant, relaxed and refined with the sophisticated sounds of a string quartet for instance? This is something that the guests will remember for many years, and mention it every time there’s a discussion about a wedding.

For example, according to my brother, the biggest impact at my own wedding came from the string quartet which was an opening act for the ‘headliner’ bend, and which played his favorite song ’Yesterday’. He never fails to mention this whenever someone asks him about his impressions form his sister’s wedding. Therefore, the guests feel honored by your effort to provide them with enjoyable melodies while they are waiting for your entry. They feel that you have thought about every single detail and they will be thankful for that for sure.

Mellow Out and Enchant Your Guests with Your Choice for the First Dance

Perhaps the most important segment of the wedding planning is to be unique. You probably attended a dozen of ‘generic’ weddings that don’t say anything. Find those details that truly stand for what you believe in, the details that will set you apart. Whether it’s an unusual photo corner which the guests will adore, or a first dance to the sounds of the string quartet.

Once again, close your eyes for a moment and imagine the first dance with your partner, while the string quartet plays your song or a theme from your favorite movie, on their sophisticated and timeless instruments. This will admittedly give you butterflies in your stomach, and you will wish for this dance to last forever.

The Band Does Carry the Atmosphere, But It’s Not Omnipotent. What Does the Rhythm of the Ceremony Also Depend Upon?

Most people believe that the choice of music is the most important part of the whole wedding story. A good choice of a band is a guarantee of a good party. However, the musicians often say that the party is the mirror of the newlyweds. If the two of them are nervous (this should not happen to you – you are not that couple!), no trick by an experienced musician is good enough to improve the atmosphere. But, when the happy couple (especially the bride!) start getting in the mood, that is the best recipe for an unforgettable party.

So, when all the guests have arrived, and the fun begins – relax, everyone is there because of you, it is your day and you should absolutely enjoy the heck of every single moment. The emotions keep vibrating in the air and everyone is having a good time.

And you know what is the best part? When you say to each other after a couple of years that the best time you’ve ever had was at your own wedding.

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