Her Highness, the Harp

A blend of sophisticated and noble, traditional yet modern, and above all of that elegant and gracious. Seemingly simple, but in reality very complex and intricate, the harp has become an unavoidable part of different manifestations worldwide. It leaves a stamp of style and good taste, takes us on a journey into another dimension, and its sound simply caresses the soul.

Unpretentious, yet flawlessly distinctive.

The harp offers a wide spectrum of various genres. From a traditional and well-known sound of classical music, over timeless evergreen hits, to some of the most popular contemporary melodies. It can act as a solo instrument, and carry the whole performance itself, or likewise accompany another instrument, such as violin or cello. The effect is equally good.

Therefore, the British Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle opted for the sound of the harp at their wedding, it being undoubtedly regal.

Elle magazine’s Style Awards manifestation as well had the harp as their music background, which once again proved that the elegance of this instrument fits perfectly well into events of various types.

The VentArtly agency established itself on an attention to quality and style, and following the guidelines of good sound, has several offers that include the harp: solo harp named Aria of Chords, harp and violin combo called Wood & Passion, and of course the unforgettable harp and cello combo called Fuoco.

Make your important event a unique one!

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