Habanera kvartet u muzeju Savremene umetnosti

Europe Day 2018

Europe Day, observed on May 9 every year, was solemnly celebrated at the Museum of Contemporary Art, with a marvelous and inspiring program, under the organization of the Delegation of the European Union. The string quartet Habanera had the honor to give the music contribution to this manifestation and, together with the guests, feel the power of solidarity and the enthusiasm of progress.

After the “Stankovic” music school’s performance of the national anthems of Serbia and the EU, the EU Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Mr. Sem Fabrizi, wished a warm welcome to the guests and held a speech about the importance of the mutual efforts by the European countries to recover after the atrocious years of the World War Two, and establish the important criteria such as democracy and fight against nationalism, so that Europe could prevail and become one of the biggest world economies, a bastion of human rights and a decisive factor to the global safety.

This important event was also attended by the Serbian President, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, the Prime Minister, Ms. Ana Brnabić, along with numerous other political and diplomatic dignitaries.

“I am positive that the European Union, as one of the most developed regions nowadays, and one of the most prominent donors of developmental funds, which is becoming an increasingly important participant in the resolutions of global safety issues, and is an area of peace, freedom and prosperity, wishes to open its doors to Serbia as its full member, just as much as we wish to become a part of Europe”, said President Vučić.

In order to contribute to the solemnity of the event, the Habanera quartet completely adjusted its program to this manifestation, and thus in the introductory part it played famous classical pieces by renowned European composers, followed by a block of tango pieces by composers such as Astor Piazzola and Michael McLean, and eventually, after the speeches, during the cocktails part of the evening, performed the well-known pop, rock and movie music pieces, specially arranged solely for them.

Kvartet na proslavi Dana Evrope 2018

The evening finale was the illumination of the Kalemegdan statue Pobednik (The Victor) into blue color.

The Habanera quartet, whose performances VentArtly has on offer as well, was an excellent music choice made by the EU Info Center, with whom the agency collaborates successfully and had already performed at several manifestations in their organization.

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